8mm Film Transfers to DVD – Local!

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This site is all about converting old film and VHS tapes to digital format. There are lots of 8mm/16mm films from yesteryear in attics, in basements, and at the bottom of closets.  There are even more VHS tapes that are deteriorating and need to be saved!

What about your wedding from 1965 that was shot on film using an old film camera?

What about your kids playing in the back yard when they were 5 or 6 years old – and now they have children of their own…  do you still have those films?  And let’s say you do – how do you watch them?  Or can you even watch them at all? Do you still have the camera?  Do you have a  film projector? Does it still work? And if it doesn’t, can you get it repaired?

Not likely.

But here at Fort Kent Video & Photography, we can take your old old films, VHS tapes, 35mm slides, and yes, even your old Vinyl LP Records and digitaize them all – preserving them for at least another 100 years!

Click the links above for more details on what we can do and how we can preserve your most precious memories for from being lost forever…

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Jim Majka